Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A senior trade negotiator from a major South Pacific island nation – whose chief and most known product is sheep – praised WTD’s Geneva correspondent Ravi Kanth earlier this week. The compliment came totally unsolicited by WTD. The negotiator was on his way from Great Sky, Montana to Paris to continue rescue talks on the Doha Development Agenda trade negotiations – with a brief stopover in Washington.

Ravi, the official said when I brought up the subject that WTD will be in Paris for the talks in the form of our Geneva correspondent, is the best trade reporter in Geneva. He gets on top of things there and digs to the bottom to try to make sense of it all. Not only does Ravi understands trade, but he sincerely believes in it. Ravi goes way beyond looking for a catchy quote – which flutter about in Geneva like butterfly in a Panama rain forest.

WTD agrees.

As a post script, knowing the subject and writing as if the reader also knows the subject quite often leads to trouble – in which WTD and Ravi has had their share.

Congrats, Ravi.

Jim Berger

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