Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bird Dogging Continued

Bird Dogging Continued

Looks like opponents to the three pending free trade agreements are hard at work. A blog from California Fair Trade Coalition Director Tim Robertson published by Huffington Post describes his recent experience "bird dogging" US Trade Representative Ron Kirk.

In his blog, Robertson relates an impromput interview with the USTR, who was in San Francisco promoting the FTAs as part of the Adminstration's job-creation plan.  He even provides a transcript of the Q&A, along with his commentary on each of Kirk's responses.

Neither side come out looking particularly good.  Kirk is affable, but sticks to the usual carefully-scripted platitudes about the importance of the FTAs to job creation, while Robertson is equally wedded to the usual anti-FTA rhetoric.  It's pretty clear that neither is listening to the other.

But that's been the problem with the trade debate for a quite a while now, hasn't it?

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