Saturday, December 24, 2011


Washington Trade Daily is not in the habit of putting words in the mouths of others. But it happened last week in an interview with US Trade Representative Ron Kirk – who had just returned to Washington from the World Trade Organization eighth ministerial conference.

One paragraph in the middle of the otherwise correct story said that Mr. Kirk told WTD the advanced developing countries in Geneva repeatedly told him that they strongly object to US demands they – including India, China and Brazil – deliver substantial commitments commensurate with their current status in global trade. The story went on to say that the BRICS countries conveyed to the United States that they would deliver in agricultural and industrial goods trade along with the terms of the Doha mandate.

Mr. Kirk simply did not say that, nor indicated in any way that he was told that by other countries.

WTD sincerely regrets the stupid error and apologies to the USTR, Assistant US Trade Representative for Public and Media Affairs Carol Guthrie, who took pains to arrange the interview, staff at USTR in Washington and others in Geneva as well as the readers.

WTD has no excuse for such an error and pledges it will not happen again.

Jim Berger


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